Special Senior Services

Along with our Real Estate services, we also manage some community services, as well. In the tradition of our good friend Dan Levine, we keep an inventory of medical equipment for loan, at no charge to our Senior friends.  All we ask is that they are clean and cared for and then, returned for loan to the next recipient. Sometimes you just need a walker till you're back on your feet again, or a wheelchair or oxygen pump. A bath seat, or a cushion to elevate your legs or head are also available. Just call and inquire. We can usually deliver within Mission Viejo.  Also, we are available to speak to any group on the subject of communicating important information to those in your life that need to know it. It's called our Let's Talk! program, which includes a 50+ page workbook and presentation. Call us anytime to book this important and helpful presentation at no charge.

Special Real Estate Senior Services

Over the years we have developed special services for our senior clients. When it's time for the transition from living in your family home to moving to independent or assisted living, we understand the move can be stressful. We've worked hard to develop specific services and plans to make the move as simple as possible. Here are just a few examples:

We work with a dedicated team of specialists that can make the physical part of the move pretty effortless.  Our partners will handle all of the moving details right down to making sure your toothbrush is hung in your medicine cabinet at your new home.  You don't have to worry about packing, calling a truck or anything else.  They do it all.  If you need just a few hours of very personal assistance, Jaye is available to coordinate and help.

We have a team of handymen, trash haulers, painters, roofers and the like to make sure that your home is ready to sell and ready to sell for top dollar. You can leave it to us or we can give you a list to choose from and handle it on your own!

We are happy to work with family to make sure everything is taken care of.  We can arrange shipping, charity pickup, selling by auction or other means of clearing out the household items once you have moved on to your new life.

We know from experience this transition will be stressful.  We ask that you concentrate on your new lifestyle and new home.  Let us concentrate on getting your home sold!

Another unique service designed to make your transition even easier is our Simple Pay Program. We pay small expenses for you and are reimbursed through escrow.  We've learned that during the selling of your home, there are bound to be miscellaneous expenses.  Perhaps a handyman is needed to fix a curtain rod, or trash needs to be hauled.  There's always something.  So, we've developed this simple program so you won't have to deal with each of these little details and expenses. Here's how it works: We schedule the work and have you approve the expenditure.  When the work is completed, we pay the tradesman on your behalf.  Then we collect our expenses through Escrow when the property sells.  This saves you from having to write a bunch of little checks and keep a constant eye on things.   Again, our goal is to remove the anxiety and frustration that often accompanies the transition and to make it easier.  We're glad to help! Expect excellence!

Ask for a detailed list of extra services designed specifically for our Senior Clients.


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