A better way to do business

October 2004 - Time to write our business plan for 2005. So much to plan and account for: Budgets, Promotional Plans, Time Lines, Marketing, Advertising, Goals, Vacation. We had a lot to think about.

We thought about how to "do" our business in 2005; we could continue to do as we had done the year before. We could do what every other agent does. We could continue to offer the same service the same way. We could continue to struggle through another year using business tactics we really didn't enjoy. We knew we wanted to do more. We weren't ready to rest on our laurels and get by on a lazy career. We wanted to plan our year and be in control of executing our plan, and feel the satisfaction of hard-won success.

The Brian Buffini Turning Point Retreat - We consulted some top agents in the industry.  These top producers suggested a better way and, after learning the basics, we were ready to take the big step.  We attended a two day training seminar for advanced agents; for agents who felt a strong inclination to do things better. We learned a great deal.

We knew we could make a living by doing what most other agents do.  But we felt that working that way wasn't satisfying.  It really wasn't what we felt compelled to do - we didn't enjoy it.  Brian Buffini showed us how to run our business strictly by referral.  The moment his tenets sunk in, we felt a level of confidence and excitement with our ability to produce, we hadn't felt before. We knew we wanted to grow our business based on exceptional service and higher personal goals.  We took a leap of faith and decided to leave most of our fellow agents behind.  No more cold calling, open houses or mass mailers.  We committed ourselves to working by referral only.

Working by referral means two things. First and foremost, it means providing exceptional service.  The service has to be so good, that our clients would always know we truly care about them and are seeing to their needs.  Secondly, it means that our clients would feel happy to tell people they know about us and our level of service and support. This would add a level of confidence and recognition from like-minded family, friends and acquaintances. Our clients referrals would be the highest possible compliment they could give us.

Sounds simple, but it's not.  We had to learn to improve our already high caliber service and how to reach our goals of excellence. We've woven these principles into the fabric of our business and we have to say, it works! We do it better.  We can show you, and would love to, just call us! But it's really better if you hear it from our other clients.  That's what referrals are all about.  We've been working with each and every client to make sure they know how much we care about them and rely on them to recommend us to their family and friends. 

Here's the benefit to you - Most real estate agents spend the majority of their time and resources prospecting for new business.  They do things like cold calling, door knocking, mass advertising, direct mail, open houses, etc.  We no longer do these activities.   We devote ourselves to serving the specific needs of our clients before, during and after each transaction, providing excellence.  All we ask is that while we are working for you, we would like you to refer us to people of comparable quality to yourself who are thinking about buying or selling a home, and who would appreciate the same high level of service we provide.  You see, as long as you and our other clients keep referring us, we don't have to go out prospecting like everyone else, and we can do an even better job of working for you.  So, here's the bottom line:  Help us to better serve you by helping us serve others!

It's a simple plan.  It's a plan we really enjoy, because we now spend all of our time directly helping you and our other clients.  And, at the end of the day, isn't that what you really want and deserve? This ensures that you get the best!  So, if you know of someone who is thinking of buying or selling, why not give us a call right now with their name and address?  We'll provide the same level of service all of our clients have come to expect.  That's our promise!

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