Getting the Best Price for Your Home

What's the difference between the agent trying to sell your home and an agent who professionally markets your home? The difference is HUGE!

Selling is the effort used to convince someone to buy. Marketing is the effort put forth to bring qualified buyers directly to the property to see it.  One doesn't work without the other.  All too often, you'll hear about the great salesperson and not hear enough about the great marketing program that made it possible for the salesperson to close the deal.

That's why we concentrate on marketing first.  We know we have to draw the most qualified buyers in.  The more qualified, potential buyers we can expose to your property, the better the chance of selling it at the highest possible price.  If there is only one potential buyer with which to bargain, an agent might not be as progressive and aggressive as if they had two, three or even four potential buyers. Creating a demand for your home, making it stand out from all the others, is an important key.

So, our sales effort really starts with a great thrust of a marketing effort.  The marketing program for your house will be unique.  We don't have to adhere to any corporate cookie cutter programs.  We develop a program specifically for your property and a program that advertises to the best possible mix of potential clients that may specifically be interested in a home like yours.

Once we have created the proper exposure, we will work tirelessly to negotiate the very best possible price for your home.  We will be actively checking current comps and updating you as often as necessary.  We will always have the latest pricing data available and we will be prepared to work with any buyer to make sure they understand the true value of your home.  It's our goal to make you as much money as possible on the sale of your greatest asset - your home. Contact us for full details on how we will properly market the unique assets of your home. We'd love to have the opportunity to show you just what we can do for you.

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