Boker and Jaye

Boker and Jaye are Dog Lovers

Everyone knows that. We have two smiling Samoyeds that are not only wonderful dogs, but they also embody the personality traits that we are committed to in our personal and professional lives. The Samoyed was bred by the Samyad Indians, a hardy tribe living in the harshest northern reaches of Siberia. These hard working people understood the importance of working together, and caring for the family and clan. In order to survive, they made commitments to each other to protect and cherish each life and their dogs were an essential part of that committment. Bred from Arctic Wolf stock thousands of years ago, the Samoyed was selected for their loyalty and hard working nature, intelligence and strength, friendly and cheerful attitude, gentleness and courage. What more could you ask for in a Realtor®?

Boker and Jaye call it "Winning Attitude". That’s what separates the Winners from the rest of the pack.

To be Best in Show, you have to be a winner in many different classes.

Working Class

Commitment to work hard, jump into the icy water, pull the sled; bring back the trophy, negotiate the best deal -whatever it takes. That’s the attitude of a winner. You’ll find Boker and Jaye will work hard for you.

Sporting Class

Sporting dogs are fun dogs. Ever watch a Golden Retriever run full bore and splash into a pond to bring its master back a stick? That joy, enthusiasm and fun loving attitude is contagious. You can’t help but laugh and have a good time. That’s one of Boker and Jaye’s commitments to you. They'll manage the details so your purchase or sale will be a fun and exciting event in your life.


Herding is a team effort. Samoyeds have herded Reindeer for thousands of years.  They know how to work together to get the job done.  Boker and Jaye have gathered a team of Real Estate Professionals that work as a coordinated team.  Specialists in Financing, Escrow, Title, Legal, Transaction Coordination, Advertising, Inspections, Contracting.  Boker and Jaye will make sure they keep everything headed in the right direction for you safely and on time. 


Real Estate transactions are a series of obstacles.  It takes special agility to maneuver through the course quickly and without error.  Boker, Jaye and their staff know which way to turn, when to jump and how high.


Obedience is more than just following directions.  It’s knowing what’s expected and doing it just because you know it’s the right thing to do.  You’ll find that Boker and Jaye are on top of it.  They're  one step ahead making sure everything you need done gets done.


What does it take to find the right house?  What does it take to find the right buyer?  Boker and Jaye are trackers.  They know how to hunt.  They know how to promote.  They know when to be quiet, when to speak up, when to run, when to slow down.  They are patient, yet persistent.

K9 Good Citizen

Good Citizenship is more than just a saying.  It’s a commitment to community.  It’s a caring that is proven in action.  You’ll find Boker and Jaye working at dog rescue organizations, volunteering to help dogs in need.  Two of their Sam’s are rescues.  They have raised money for rescue dogs used in the 9/11 attack on our country.  They make significant donations to rescue organizations out of their commissions.  They are proud to point out that they "love to spoil dogs”.  What greater joy could there be than to return the love to a dog in need?  You’ll want someone who cares.